Why We Exist In Australia

We are an independent group of cannabis enthusiasts who are driven to educate the Australian population on the purchase and usage of hemp-derived products. With the recent legalisation of CBD Oil in Australia, more and more Aussies are gaining interest. However, we find that many sources on the internet are not providing truthful, up-to-date or accurate guidance.CBD Oil Australia is here to change that. For the wellness and education of Australians alike.


❌ Hidden Fees
❌ Fake Products
❌ Harmful Results
CBD Oil Australia
✅ Best Value for $
✅ Certified and Tested Products
✅ Confident Purchase

All our Recommended Products Are

Independently Tested
All products that we test are selected by our own genuine interests and the reviews we provide are also purely based on our experience.
Quality Approved
The products that we test should always have their lab results available to their customers
Accessible Nationwide
We will always recommend products that our audience can access from the comfort of their own Australian home.


Meet The People Behind Our Journey

In 2019 Martin, Heather, and Rodney connected at an online cannabis education network in the USA. Not long after discovering amongst each other that they were all based in Australia, they would soon come to the conclusion that educating the Australian audience of safe and conscious decisions was essential. Hence, the creation of CBD Oil Australia

Martin Harris
(Product Specialist)
Heather Green
Rodney Guthrie
(Scientific Researcher)

Educate Yourself Today​

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popular actors who use CBD oil
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Popular Actors and Actress Who Use CBD Oil

In the glitzy realm of Hollywood, a growing number of renowned actors and actresses are turning to CBD oil for its potential health and wellness benefits. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the lives of these influential figures who openly embrace the therapeutic qualities of CBD. From managing stress to promoting overall well-being, discover firsthand accounts of how CBD has become an integral part of the daily routines of your favorite celebrities. Uncover the secrets behind the scenes as we explore the intersection of fame and holistic living in the entertainment industry.

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress You Must Know for Your Better Life

Embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling life as we unravel the five indispensable strategies to alleviate stress. From mindfulness practices to lifestyle adjustments, our comprehensive guide provides practical insights to empower you on the path to improved well-being and a more serene existence. Embrace these proven techniques and embark on a journey toward a happier, healthier you.

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CBD oil for ADHD
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CBD Oil for ADHD | Safety, Dosage, and Prescription

In our comprehensive blog, delve into the world of CBD oil as a potential remedy for ADHD. Uncover essential insights on its safety, recommended dosage, and the need for a prescription. We unravel the science behind CBD’s interaction with ADHD symptoms, providing you with a nuanced understanding of this natural approach. Empower yourself with knowledge as we navigate the landscape of CBD and its potential role in fostering a balanced and holistic approach to managing ADHD.

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is CBD oil addictive?
Martin Harris

Is CBD Oil Addictive? Answered by Research

In recent years, CBD oil has surged in popularity, touted for its potential health benefits and natural properties. However, a lingering question looms over the minds of many: Is CBD oil addictive? To address this concern, we delve into the realms of scientific research to uncover the truth behind the addictive potential of CBD.

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Why is CBD Oil so Popular
Rodney Guthrie

Why is CBD Oil so Popular These Days?

Delve into the surge of CBD oil’s popularity with our latest blog. Uncover the science and cultural factors fueling its widespread acclaim, and learn why this natural remedy has become a go-to choice in wellness routines, shaping the landscape of modern health trends

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