CBD Oil Priceline

CBD Oil Priceline
CBD Oil Priceline
If you’re keen to buy CBD oil, Priceline may seem to be an obvious place to shop. But is it possible to buy CBD oil at Priceline? Let’s take a closer look.
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  • Priceline does not sell CBD Oil, they only have hemp oil products.
  • We may be seeing CBD Oil over the counter in chemists in the near future. However, there is no concrete evidence to confirm this.
  • Purchasing CBD Oil online is still the most convenient option for Australians. Otherwise, getting a prescription for CBD Oil is still one of the only ways to get your hands on CBD.

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Can I Buy CBD Oil In Priceline Over The Counter?

Unfortunately, if you want to buy CBD oil, Priceline won’t sell it to you over the counter. Actually, you won’t be able to find any chemists in Australia that sell CBD oil at the present time. Priceline does sell hemp oil products, but don’t be confused – they don’t contain any CBD. 

There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. After all, they’re both often derived from the same plant. However, despite their similarities, there are some key differences. CBD oil comes from the leaves, stalk, and flowers of the hemp plant where a high CBD concentration can be found. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is made from the seeds of the plant which contain virtually no CBD[1]. While hemp oil offers its own benefits in the form of fatty acids, bioactive compounds, and nutrients, it doesn’t have the same potential stress, anxiety, and pain-relieving benefits as CBD oil. 

CBD oil is entirely legal to sell and buy in Australia. Back in 2020, it was given approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (the TGA) for sale over the counter as a low-dose medicine[2], and since 2021, it has been legal for chemists to sell CBD oil with no need for a prescription to customers.

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So, you may ask, why is buying CBD oil Priceline impossible while buying hemp oil is a breeze? 

As hemp oil doesn’t contain any CBD it isn’t heavily regulated, and that’s why you can find it for sale on the shelves in Priceline. CBD oil, on the other hand, is heavily regulated and TGA approval has yet to be given to brands. Due to the bureaucratic processes involved, it takes a long time for medicinal products to become available in pharmacies in Australia. 

It’s worth noting, too, that even when CBD oil becomes available on Priceline’s shelves, it will only be in a low-dose format. The TGA permits a maximum dosage of 150mg per day which is more than sufficient for most users, with many recent studies[3] showing positive effects from dosing at just 25mg per day. 

With all of that in mind, if you’re keen to buy CBD oil in Australia now, and want to get started on a regular dose, it’s a good idea to make your purchase from online brands that have already gained offshore approval.

When Will Priceline Stock CBD Oil?

cbd oil priceline

When it comes to buying CBD oil Priceline has some positive news on the horizon. A recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald[4] predicted that over the counter CBD oil would be arriving in Australian pharmacies at some point in 2023, with an article from Stockhead[5] saying products will probably arrive on shelves somewhere towards the middle or end of the year. 

When those products do become available, the CBD doses that they contain will be sufficient for the majority of users, however prices will almost certainly be high due to the lengthy processes involved in producing CBD oil Priceline and stocking it nationwide and the various complicated approval stages involved in commercialising these products. Prices are also set to remain high because of the high entry barriers that local startups in the CBD oil industry face which eliminate price competition with other brands. As Australia’s CBD oil industry is brand-new and yet to fully establish itself in the marketplace when compared with other countries, this too will result in higher prices for customers. 

The best solution for Australians to obtain CBD oil, therefore, remains to place an online order with a reputable company that has already firmly established itself in the sector, or to obtain a doctor’s medical cannabis prescription.

How Much Is CBD Oil At Priceline?

When it comes to the cost of CBD oil Priceline has yet to reveal how much it will be charging for products once it starts stocking them. However, it’s very likely that CBD oil will cost far more over the counter in Australia than it does in many other countries. Australia’s CBD oil market has a higher price point when compared with Europe and the USA due to the relative newness of CBD oil as a product, and the strict regulations that must be adhered to when bringing it to the marketplace. 

Of course, as we’ve already pointed out, you can purchase hemp oil at Priceline, but you shouldn’t make the error of assuming that it is the same thing as CBD oil. There’s a common misconception that CBD oil and hemp oil have identical properties since they’re derived from the same plant but that isn’t the case at all. As we’ve already stated, hemp oil has some health benefits of its own – its high level of fatty acids makes it a good choice for hair and skin health – but these are completely different to the potential health benefits provided by CBD oil. 

The hemp oil products you can find on sale in Priceline are typically overpriced, and generally aren’t worth paying extra for. You can find far more budget-friendly hemp oil products on sale in Woolworths and Coles that offer the same benefits but for a significantly lower price.

cbd oil priceline

Priceline Chemist Hemp Oil Prices

Kyn Hemp Oil: $66.63 / 100ml

Trilogy Hemphip: $105 / 100ml

Woolworths Hemp Oil Prices

Coles Hemp Oil Prices

ECS Botanics Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil: $4.80 / 100ml

As you can see, supermarket-bought hemp oil is considerably cheaper than hemp oil purchased at Priceline, and the products are more or less the same, with no distinct benefits coming with a higher price tag. Nevertheless, neither the supermarket or chemist-bought hemp oil will offer the same benefits as CBD oil. 

The price of CBD oil in Australia is quoted in milligrams, not millilitres, so it’s difficult to compare. At present, it’s only possible to buy CBD oil in Australia on prescription, and the prices typically are higher than you’d pay for CBD products online. You should note, though, that all CBD oil products vary wildly both in terms of CBD content and quality, so you need to carry out extensive research before you buy any CBD product.

Below, you’ll see a price list of several popular brands of CBD oil available in Australia on prescription per 25mg of CBD: 

The Price of CBD oil online

Lullaby Luxury: $1.97 / 25 mg CBD

NatureCan: $2.50 / 25 mg CBD

OzzyHemp: $4.75 / 25 mg CBD

The above products do contain CBD oil, not hemp oil, and so can offer the potential therapeutic benefits associated with cannabidiol, but they can only be obtained if you have a prescription from your doctor. At the present time, if you want to obtain these brands of CBD oil Priceline will not sell them to you over the counter.

How To Get A CBD Oil Prescription

If you want to buy CBD oil Priceline cannot currently sell it to you over the counter, but you can obtain it with a doctor’s prescription. Your GP can prescribe CBD oil for you, or you can obtain a prescription from an Authorised Prescriber or specialist. 

Australia has a number of facilities that can offer you a medicinal cannabis prescription via which you can obtain CBD oil, although it will be more expensive with a prescription than buying CBD online, and you’ll need to go through a longer and more complex process to get it. 

If you have a prescription for medication containing CBD oil Priceline will dispense products to you. Medications such as Sativex which helps children suffering from Dravet syndrome to reduce their epileptic seizures, for example, will be dispensed by this chemist on receipt of a prescription. 

The cost of prescription CBD oil is expensive, though, with the average prices outlined below:

The Price of Prescription CBD Oil

Little Green Pharma: $2.25 / 25 mg CBD Cannatrek: $3.oo /25 mg CBD Unfortunately, CBD oil products in Australia are not yet covered by Medicare[6], so all expenses for their purchase must be covered out of pocket by the user, although some private healthcare insurance policies may cover some or all of your costs depending on your coverage. For many people who want to try CBD oil in Australia, though, getting a prescription is often a challenge in itself. Many doctors are unwilling to prescribe CBD oil to patients due to a lack of education around available products, access pathways, and the evidence to support its use to relieve conditions. A lot of doctors prefer not to prescribe CBD because they’re concerned about the possibility of adverse reactions, despite the fact that CBD has been legal for many years.

Can I Order CBD Online In Australia?

If you try to buy over the counter CBD oil, Priceline will be unable to help you, but there is another option. Ordering online. 

Of course, discussing treatment with CBD oil with your own doctor is always sensible if you’re suffering from a serious illness or medical condition. They will help you to determine whether CBD oil can offer you any health benefits and can also prescribe the right dosage for you. On the other hand, if you want to take CBD oil to improve your general health, for example to relieve inflammation and pain or to naturally treat insomnia, you won’t always require a prescription. Instead, you can simply carry out your own research to discover a suitable dosage, strength and type of CBD oil that’s right for you, then buy CBD oil over the internet from a reputable supplier.

Not only is it cheaper to buy CBD oil online than to get a prescription, but it also involves no additional steps such as checking for your eligibility for a script. You can also choose from a wider variety of concentrations when buying CBD oil online, so you’ll have plenty of choice of dosages. You will, however, need to take care to do your research well when buying online in order to choose a reputable supplier that you can trust. 

When buying CBD oil online, there are some key things to look out for. These include: 

  • A COA (Certificate Of Analysis) that outlines all of the compounds in the product. 
  • Proof that a third-party lab was used to test the product. 
  • A short ingredient list. 
  • Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Non-GMO labelling.
cbd oil priceline

What Is The Most Trusted Brand Of CBD?

If you’re looking for the most trusted brand of CBD oil Priceline won’t be able to help you, but you can find what you’re looking for online. Lullaby Luxury is a reputable online store that offers laboratory-tested, 99% Pure CBD which not only meets the latest safety standards but that also helps you meet your health needs. You can buy Lullaby Luxury products online with no need for a prescription, and you can rest assured that you’re making a safe choice. 

Lullaby Luxury has a choice of four high-quality CBD products that have been proven to be safe. You can choose from 99% Pure CBD which is highly potent with 100mg of CBD in each dropper, but with no unwanted additives or preservatives. Alternatively, you can choose Broad Spectrum CBD which contains no less than eight beneficial cannabinoids for even more health benefits. Two other options include Sleep Sedation which combines CBD, CBN, and HHC to promote restful sleep and Lucid Dream, which contains 95% pure HHC for more vivid dreaming. 

None of Lullaby Luxury’s products contain THC, so you needn’t worry about any unwanted psychoactive effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you legally get CBD oil in Australia?

CBD oil is legal in Australia, but it isn’t easy to obtain. You cannot buy it over the counter at the present time, so you need to buy it online or get a prescription.

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What schedule is CBD oil in Australia?

Low-dose CBD oil is Schedule 3 in Australia. High-dose CBD products are Schedule 4, and those that contain more than 2% THC are Schedule 8.

Is taking CBD daily OK?

Yes, it’s completely safe to take CBD on a daily basis without any unwanted side-effects[7].

Is CBD addictive?

CBD is not addictive as it contains no psychoactive components.

Does CBD reduce inflammation or just pain?

It is believed that CBD can reduce both inflammation and pain.

Does CBD oil help anxiety or make it worse?

For some people, CBD oil is a useful way to relieve the unwanted symptoms of anxiety.

Can I take CBD oil and drink alcohol?

There are no known serious interactions between CBD oil and alcohol, although some experts recommend that you wait for a few hours after taking CBD oil before you have an alcoholic drink.

Is over the counter cbd the same as medical cannabis?

Over the counter CBD does not contain any THC (or virtually undetectable levels), so it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects. Many types of medical cannabis contain THC which creates the sensation of a high.


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