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CBD Oil Chemist Warehouse: What’s in stock Australia 2023?

CBD oil has undoubtedly garnered widespread attention and popularity worldwide as a natural treatment for a variety of ailments and conditions. For many Australians who want to enjoy its health benefits[1], the question remains: Can Australians access CBD Oil Chemist Warehouse? This is your guide to finding quality CBD oil in Australia; we’ll cover the best ways to buy CBD oil, summarise potential plans to make CBD oil an over-the-counter medicine at chemists, and debunk some misinformation about CBD products and how to distinguish real CBD oil from other hemp products.

Does Chemist Warehouse sell CBD oil over the counter?

Presently, CBD oil is not available over the counter at Chemist Warehouse. In fact, there are no chemists that offer CBD oil – yet. You might find hemp gummies or other products like hemp seed oil, none of which contain CBD. However the reason for this is not that vendors are not allowed to sell CBD oil.
CBD is fully legal in Australia and was approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) as a low-dose over-the-counter medicine in 2020[2], and chemists have been able to sell it without a prescription since 2021.

Then why is CBD Oil not available in chemist warehouses?This is because brands are still attempting to get TGA approval. Bureaucratic processes make it a long and difficult journey from legality to availability in Australian pharmacies. It might take years to get CBD oil stocked on the shelves of Chemist Warehouse, so in the meantime you may be better off buying online from brands that already have offshore approval. The CBD industry is still relatively new in Australia, but it’s already well established in EU and US markets. To date, there are no approved CBD products for sale at Australian chemists.

Before 2020, CBD was a Schedule 4 (Prescription Medicine) product that could only be obtained with a script from a doctor or an Authorised Prescriber. The TGA has since downgraded the status of CBD to a Schedule 3 (Pharmacist Only) medicinal product, making it available for the public through a pharmacist.

And there’s another catch – The potency of the only type of CBD oil currently approved by the TGA (low-dose) isn’t as strong as what many users would prefer. The maximum dosage that the TGA allows is 150mg per day[3]. Online vendors remain the best option for those seeking high-potency oils.

When will Chemist Warehouse stock CBD oil?

The good news is that plans for stocking CBD oil at Australian chemists are underway. In 2021, Chemist Warehouse signed a deal with Cannatrek, a large medicinal cannabis company. This is the first step in making CBD oil available over the counter at Australian chemists, and currently, the two companies are working to make further advancements in the process. There is speculation that CBD products will hit the shelves at some point in 2023, but nothing is certain and, at the moment, there is no evidence that CBD oil is in stock at Chemist Warehouse.

The bad news is that, as mentioned above, these CBD oils will have low doses of CBD. What’s more, the price points are likely to be high, due to the following list of reasons:

  • Lengthy processes of producing and stocking CBD Oil across the entirety of Australia.
  • Complicated stages of approval for commercialising CBD Oil.
  • Local CBD Oil Startups have high barriers to entry which eliminates price competition between other brands. This results in difficult opportunities for prices
  • The CBD industry in Australia is simply too new and not yet fully established as compared to other nations.

The best way to get CBD oil in Australia is still either to order it online from well established companies that are already established in the industry for many years or use a prescription for medicinal cannabis. More on that later.

Is it possible to get CBD over the counter at Chemist Warehouse?

CBD is popular because it is a natural remedy that has been shown to provide relief from a variety of medical conditions. CBD oil is extracted from hemp because it contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC[4]. CBD oil is non-psychoactive, which means that it does not produce the “high” associated with marijuana.

The TGA recently made CBD oil legal over the counter, but it requires extra approval before it can be sold at pharmacies like Chemist Warehouse. The type of CBD oil that will be legally allowed to be sold over the counter has a maximum concentration of 150mg per day, but no Aussie brands are still undergoing approval. As of yet, you cannot buy over-the-counter CBD oil in Australia, at Chemist Warehouse, or any other chemist.

You can, however, buy prescription CBD oil through your doctor, specialist, or Authorised Prescriber. There are several facilities in Australia that offer prescriptions for medicinal cannabis through which you can access CBD oil. Prescription CBD meds like Sativex, a clinical treatment used to help children with Dravet syndrome. CBD has been shown to reduce epileptic seizures and meds developed with CBD have been approved for clinical use in treating this illness. That said, prescription CBD oil is more expensive than CBD purchased online, and accessing it involves a more complicated and lengthy process.

If you have a serious medical condition or illness, it is always best to discuss CBD treatment with your doctor first. They can help you understand the benefits of CBD oil for your specific needs and prescribe a dosage that will be safe for you. If, however, you are thinking of using CBD oil for general health purposes such as treating insomnia naturally or relieving pain and inflammation, you don’t necessarily need a prescription. You can do your research to find a dosage and schedule that works, and buy your CBD oil online.

Online stores are currently the best option for accessing CBD oil. They are much cheaper than the prescription alternative and don’t involve any extra steps like checking if you are eligible for a prescription. CBD oils bought online also have a wide range of concentrations, so you have a lot more choices when it comes to dosage, and because the TGA has already approved CBD products as over-the-counter medicine, it is completely legal to buy them online in Australia – without having to wait for them to appear on the shelves of Chemist Warehouse.

The pros of buying CBD oil online in Australia don’t stop there. The market has high standards and you can access online stores like Lullaby Luxury for full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD oil that meets both the safety standards and your current health needs. Even though you don’t need a specialist to prescribe it to you, CBD oil bought online is just as efficient and safe, and you can opt for higher doses if you feel like you need to.

A lot of prescription CBD meds also contain THC, sometimes on a 1:1 ratio. Although cannabis is a highly regulated substance, doctors are authorised to prescribe it. THC is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis and has very different effects from those of pure CBD, which is why the use of CBD oil which also contains THC is not as easy. For specific illnesses that are discussed with a doctor, the THC-CBD combination will be beneficial to the patient, but for those that use CBD for more general purposes, the THC aspect can be a problem. With CBD oil bought online, you can be sure there will not be any THC involved since online vendors are not authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis and are required by law to offer CBD products that are THC-free.

What’s the cost of CBD oil at Chemist Warehouse?

It’s expected the cost of CBD oil at Chemist Warehouse may not initially be affordable when compared to other countries. The Australian market for CBD oil has much higher price points than in places like the USA and Europe, because the status of CBD Oil  being relatively new and under strict regulations. It’s important to note that CBD Oil is not the same as Hemp Oil products. They have different effects and compositions that will greatly affect your own experience when trying to gain the true benefits of Cannabidiol.

How much is prescription CBD Oil in Australia?

CBD oil is available in Australia for prescription, but as mentioned the prices are generally higher than CBD products sold online. It is important to note that CBD oil can vary greatly in terms of quality and CBD content, so it is essential to do research before purchasing CBD products.

Below is a list of prices of well known CBD Oil brands sold in Australia, per 25 mg of pure CBD:

Essential CBD extract in Chemist Warehouse

CBD oil, essential CBD extract, and Hemp oil are all terms you might have seen when browsing CBD products online. When shopping for CBD in Australia, it can be tricky to know what the difference is between these terms and which one is right for you.

CBD Extract refers to CBD that has been extracted from hemp or cannabis plants using a method like CO2 extraction. CBD extract is pure CBD, differs from full-spectrum CBD, and is usually a powder. CBD Oil, on the other hand, is a product containing CBD extract suspended in an edible carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. This is the most popular CBD product for its effectiveness and ease of use. Finally, Hemp Oil is made from the seeds of hemp plants and usually doesn’t contain CBD. However, it does contain high levels of essential fatty acids like omega 3s which can be important for health and well-being.

So when you’re shopping for CBD in Australia, keep in mind that CBD Oil, CBD Extract, and Hemp Oil are all different products with different uses. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, the products they designate are very different and will not have the same effects.

Hemp gummies in Chemist Warehouse – Explained

Just like the different types of oil, it’s important to remember that hemp gummies are not the same as CBD gummies. They both come from the hemp plant but vary in terms of what their active ingredients are. Hemp gummies are made with hemp oil, which is extracted from the stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. This contains only trace amounts of CBD, so hemp gummies are not a potent source of the compound.

By contrast, CBD gummies contain a higher concentration of cannabidiol. This is because the oil used in CBD gummies comes from the entire hemp plant, including its leaves and flowers. This oil contains a much higher concentration of CBD than hemp seed or stalk oil, making it an ideal choice for those looking to get more of the compound’s potential benefits.

At the Chemist Warehouse you can find hemp gummies, but not CBD gummies. This is because since hemp gummies don’t contain CBD, they are not as heavily regulated. Just like in the case of CBD oil, Australia’s regulatory framework has delayed the commercialization of CBD gummies, meaning Chemist Warehouse doesn’t stock them yet. Those looking for CBD gummies would need to find an alternate source, such as an online retailer or a dedicated dispensary.

Conclusion: CBD oil Chemist Warehouse

It’s safe to say it will be a while before we see potent CBD oil at any Chemist Warehouse in Australia. CBD oil is available in Australia through prescription, but at a higher price point than in other places. It can vary greatly in quality and CBD content, so it’s important to do your research before purchasing. Keep an eye out for when CBD oil hits the shelves at Chemist Warehouse – until then, purchase online from a reputable source.


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