best full spectrum cbd oil in australia 2024

Top 7 Best Full Spectrum CBD
Oil in Australia for 2024

best full spectrum cbd oil 2024

Welcome to our definitive guide on the ‘Top 7 Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Australia for 2024’. As the popularity of CBD oil continues to surge, it’s vital to navigate the market with confidence and knowledge. In this blog post, we’ve meticulously evaluated and curated a list of the most effective full-spectrum CBD oils available to Australians. Our selection offers a range of high-quality options that have been carefully chosen based on their potency, purity, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD user or a curious newcomer, this guide is designed to help you make an informed choice about your CBD journey. So, buckle up as we delve into the dynamic world of Australian CBD and unveil the top-notch brands that have made it to our esteemed list!

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full Spectrum CBD is an extract that contains all the compounds found naturally in the cannabis plant, not just cannabidiol (CBD). This includes other popular cannabinoids like CBN and THC and terpenes. The idea is that all these compounds work together in what’s called the “entourage effect” to enhance the health benefits of each other. As if they’re all holding hands and boosting each other up for your benefit!

Important Note
In the realm of CBD, Full Spectrum products can be a mixed bag. Some brands in Australia might misrepresent their labels or even sell items that don’t comply with local laws. Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a blend of compounds, including THC, which could lead to unintended effects. Even with a prescription, mishandling such products can result in penalties like failing drug tests or facing charges for impaired driving. Therefore, it’s crucial to use these products responsibly.
Alternatively, there’s a safer and equally beneficial option – Broad Spectrum CBD. This variant provides all the advantages of Full Spectrum CBD, but without the risk of failing drug tests as it contains no THC. This ensures that you can enjoy the holistic benefits of CBD without worrying about potential legal repercussions or unwanted side effects. It’s a great choice for those seeking the wellness benefits of CBD safely.

Price Per 25mg:AU$ 1,72

Overall Rating:4.4/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Shipping:< 6 days
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 1,98
  1. Tasmanian Botanics | Balanced 25:25 Oral Liquid

Tasmanian Botanics’ Balanced 25:25 Oral Liquid is a robust choice in the CBD market, earning a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Its effectiveness is backed by positive user reviews and its high-quality, locally grown CBD. The detailed product kit, which includes a comprehensive guide, promotes informed usage, while its price per 25mg at AU$1.98 stands competitively against other brands.

However, the requirement of a prescription, a slower than expected onset of effects, and occasional low stock availability are potential drawbacks. Despite these factors, its overall effectiveness makes it a worthy consideration for those seeking a balanced CBD experience.


✔️ Positive Reviews
️✔️ Locally Grown
✔️ Detailed Product Kit
✔️ Great Price
🚫 Prescription Required
🚫 Slow Kick-in
🚫 Low Stock

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Overall Rating:4.2/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Shipping:4 Days
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 3,75
2. Lumir | Lumir 25:25

Lumir’s Lumir 25:25 CBD oil, excels in providing potent pain relief, particularly for back and joint pain. Its Australian roots ensure faster shipping times and superior customer support, while the high-strength formula ensures longevity of use. However, the prescription requirement, heavy sedation effects, and a price per 25mg at AU$3.75, which is steeper compared to other brands, are potential drawbacks.

While it offers powerful pain relief, its sedative nature and higher cost may deter those seeking a daytime CBD oil or more budget-friendly options.



✔️ Effective Pain Relief
️✔️ AU based
✔️ High Strength


🚫 Prescription Required
🚫 Heavy Sedation
🚫 High Price

Overall Rating:4.2/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Shipping:7 Days
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 1,6
3. Cannatrek | C100 Amber

Cannatrek’s C100 Amber CBD oil earns a commendable 4.2 out of 5 stars for its effectiveness in addressing conditions like anxiety, stress, PTSD, and chronic pain. The brand’s trusted reputation in the Australian medical cannabis market and the fair price per 25mg at AU$1.6 enhance its appeal.

However, the low THC content means more drops are needed for the desired “Full Spectrum” effect, and the need for a prescription could be inconvenient for some users. While the taste may not be to everyone’s liking, the product’s overall effectiveness makes it a worthy consideration for those seeking relief from various conditions.

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✔️ Highly Effective
️✔️ Trusted Brand
✔️ Fair Price


🚫 Low THC containment
🚫 Prescription Required
🚫 Funky Taste

Overall Rating:4/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 3

4. Little Green Pharma | Classic 20:5


Little Green Pharma’s Classic 20:5 CBD oil is a trusted player in the Australian CBD market, known for its stringent quality control and unique THC-CBD blend. However, it’s not without its hurdles – a prescription is necessary, it carries a designer label price tag, and its Schedule 8 classification means it’s as tightly controlled as drugs like morphine.

While it’s a high-quality product, the market has other contenders offering similar quality at a more budget-friendly price and with fewer hoops to jump through. So, while Little Green Pharma’s product is reliable and effective, it might be worth checking out other brands before making your final decision.



✔️ Trusted Brand
️✔ ️High Quality
✔ ️Hybrid Combination


🚫 Prescription Required
🚫 High Price
🚫 Schedule 8 Drug

Overall Rating:3.5/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Shipping:8 Days
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 2,25

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5. Australian Hemp CBD Oil | CBD Oil 15ml (1000mg)


Australian Hemp CBD Oil’s CBD Oil 15ml (1000mg) is an affordable and accessible option for CBD enthusiasts, with no prescription required and a price per 25mg of AU$2.25. The 5-day shipping duration ensures speedy delivery within Australia.

However, the absence of lab test results is concerning, and the product falls short of delivering a true full-spectrum experience. So while it’s budget-friendly, customers may be hesitant to fully embrace this product without more transparency and a fuller CBD experience.


✔️ Free Shipping
✔️ Certification of Analysis
✔️ Flavoured
🚫 Shipped From Outside AU
🚫 Customs Hassle
🚫 Only 3 Hemp Extracts
Overall Rating:3.3/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Shipping:8 Days
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 3,99

6. Native Seed | Full Spectrum
CBD Plus 1000mg


Native Seed’s Full Spectrum CBD Plus 1000mg is an Aussie-based powerhouse for those seeking a potent CBD experience. With speedy local shipping and a generous 30-day return policy, it’s as convenient as it is strong. But watch out – this product packs a 5% THC punch.

We ran a urine test after sampling this product which triggered a positive THC result. While this product is high on potency, it’s low on customer reviews, making it a bit of a mystery box. So, weigh up the pros and cons before diving in, especially if you’re subject to drug testing or prefer products with a solid fan base.



✔️ AU Based
️✔ 30-Day Returns
️✔ High Potency


🚫 5% THC
🚫 Not AU Compliant
🚫 No Reviews
🚫 High Price

Overall Rating:3.5/5
Price Rating:$$$$$
Shipping:12 Days
Price Per 25mg:AU$ 4,63

7. Down To Earth | Full Defence 1000


Down To Earth’s Full Defence 1000 CBD oil earns a respectable 3.5 out of 5 stars for its high-quality and diverse cannabinoid profile, with no prescription required and positive user reviews underscoring its efficacy. However, with a price per 25mg at AU$4.63, it may not appeal to budget-conscious customers.

The restrictive 15-day refund policy and limited payment options, only allowing bank transfers, also detract from the overall customer experience. While the product itself is solid, improvements in pricing and customer policies could further boost its market appeal.



✔️ No Prescription Required
️✔ Wide Cannabinoid Range
️✔ Positive Reviews


🚫 High Price
🚫 Poor Refund Policy
🚫 Bank Transfer Only

Full Spectrum CBD Oil FAQs

What is CBD Oil Full Spectrum good for?

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC, which has been proven to provide additional benefits such as pain relief and relaxation.

How to use Full-spectrum CBD Oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil can be used in a variety of ways such as taking it sublingually, adding it to food and drinks, or using it to make homemade skincare products.

Where to buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil can be purchased at health food stores or online from reputable retailers.

Can Full-spectrum CBD Oil cause headaches?

Full-spectrum CBD oil may cause headaches in some people, but this is not a common side effect.

Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil have THC?

Full-spectrum CBD oil may and oftentimes does contain trace amounts of THC. If you are planning to buy Full-spectrum CBD Oil in Australia without a prescription, aim to keep the THC containment below 0.3% to ensure compliance with Australian regulations. Be sure to check the lab reports of the product too.
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